Let's Celebrate!

It's Christmas in July and we are counting down the days until the Holidays!  For our families that celebrate with an Elf friend, our Simple Elf Boxes help make the magic happen and up your shelf confidence!  Preorder today, quantities are limited, to ensure your holiday tradition is full of fun and ease.
Surprise your children with a note from their special friend this Summer to start your Holiday countdown.  Download our FREE printable postcard to deliver some early magic!
Love is NOT Dead! Although we may not be getting out as much and holidays have looked different, we must be intentional about making magic for our children. We are sharing ways to spread JOY and teach gift giving to our littles, why would we not bring some of that into the home? 
One of our Mom's favorite things to do was to hand make signs and cards and decorate the house for birthdays and important events.  Handwritten affirmations and love notes are so special and show your little ones how much you care.
A favorite tradition of ours is to "Heart Attack" our own children.  We leave a message, affirmation, or love note for them starting February 1st and continue until Valentine's Day.  You can tape these to their door, leave in a mailbox they decorate, set at their spot at the dinner table each night, whatever you choose, just keep it simple! The purpose is not how elaborate they are, it's just to simply show love and have them excited for what is to come.
Supply Ideas: Doilies, Foam Heart cut outs, Colored paper to cut, Stationery, markers, stickers, a Valentines  Day Banner
Simply gather some supplies, write a heartfelt note, and set/or stick in your planned spot.  It should be the same place everyday so they know where to check.  By the 14th they'll have a wonderful set of love notes and a new tradition! AND if you can't start the first, start whenever you can. It's the love that counts!
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Celebrate this Valentine's Day by leaving a simple sussie at your neighbors and friends doorsteps.  Let your children help join in on the fun, helping teach them how to be gracious givers as well.  Download our free "Ding Dong Ditch" digital file and get started today. 
We have chosen easy pairings from Target, Walmart, or your local grocery store.  Choose Drive Up options for a simple and quick pick up! Be sure to follow along with our instagram stories for more pairings and gift giving ideas.
Welcome to SImply Celebrate! We hope to make playtime simple and traditions easy on families and encourage making memories and putting family first.
 Our Celebration Boxes and products help encourage play, build timeless traditions, make magical memories,and allow them to just be little!  No more trying to come up with ideas, Pinterest fails, or putting it off! We want to take the stress and mess out of planning special experiences for your little ones.
Simply Celebrate and Celebrate Simply.
xo, Amy and Lindsay